Shoshana is back with her Brush Lettering Workshops! September 23, 2019 21:45 267 Comments

 Brush Lettering

You may remember a while ago that we collaborated with Shoshana Bratton of Shoshy Cadoodle on some truly lovely Brush Lettering and Calligaraphy. We were completely delighted to hear that Shoshy and her wife Meredith were expecting, and when their adorable daughter was born, we decided rather than finding a new teacher, we’d put all our lettering workshops on hold until Shoshy and Meredith made their decisions about new working patterns. It’s a tricky balance being a self employed creative and a parent – at Craft Club we know it first-hand and we are here to show our support for makers, designers and creatives in any way we can.

Christmas Calligraphy Workshop at London Craft Club 

I really enjoyed Shoshy’s post about her return to work which you can find here and, we are over the moon that Shoshy is up for running some more workshop with us! And so we have our gorgeous Brush Lettering sessions coming on again - there are only three more dates before we switch to our extra special Calligraphy for Christmas workshop too.

Check out the dates and grab your spot here! 

Brush Lettering