No Guilt this Black Friday November 29, 2019 11:31 390 Comments

No Guilt Black Friday

Black Friday is getting a bad rap, and rightly so. It can involve splurging on plastic tat under the pretence of prepping for Christmas. Every year we all get a bit more conscious of how we spend, and it's harder to justify all those new things that the world doesn't really benefit from. 

These last couple of years I've seen people, and now brands, boycott BFCM. Monki have a Black Fri-Nay campaign, and lots of other brands are joining in. Maybe because it's relatively new to us, and has no relation to any actual social event, but we've turned on it pretty fast. Personally, I'm trying not to buy newly manufactured items as far as possible, so I'm really glad to see this madness slow down a bit.

But I have to say, for us at London Craft Club, it's brilliant! We don't ever do last minute discounts, and we don't do the Boxing Day Sale because we don't have old stock to sell. So this is our best chance for a sale each year, and we have come to rely on it as part of our Christmas plan. 

 Creative Black Friday

We won't be filling up your carts with add-on and extra buys and things to snap up just coz they're so cheap. 

Instead, we're filling youre head with all the skills you've been lusting after, and sharing how much effort goes into making something so that we can all really feel the true value of the things we buy. We work hard to make our contribution to the world a positive one, and if you'd like to spend your £s in a good way, we're here for you this Black Friday!

Some small businesses are hurt by Black Friday - but not us! It's part of our big Christmas plan and we don't do a Boxing Day sale, so snap up the bargains over here without a dot of guilt! 

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