Paintbox Yarns had a genius idea - it seems so obvious now! {AD} September 15, 2019 12:53 1351 Comments

Paintbox Yarns At the Handmade Festival we wanted to introduce people in a quick and easy way to craft, so one of our activities was a free weaving that anyone and everyone could join in. When Paintbox Yarns heard about this they offered to give us the yarn ... and that’s when I discovered their simple yet genius idea. As the yarnier of us,  Zoe has long been a fan of their range and she explained why to me: 

They have a palette colours and then they make their different tarn weights and fibres in those colours! Simple. Brilliant. 

 Paintbox Yarns

Our weaving is growing in its own crazy organic way as everyone freestyles a bit here there, and I love the way different people like to mix colour, have different tensions and wander across the weave. The yarn feels lovely and washes really well too. So next time you have a yarn project, check out Paintbox Yarns 

Paintbox yarn