Sonia and Zoe's ultimate craft heaven is coming! September 7, 2019 22:46

Handmade Festival

The Handmade Festival this year is turning out to be an absolute dreamy wish list of all thing craft heaven for Zoe and I. And of course we are bringing it all to you!

Paintbox Yarns 

First up Zoe’s craft heaven comes in the form of a buttload of yarn from Paintbox Yarns who we LOVE! They had the genius idea to develop an utterly gorgeous palette of modern colours and then do all their different yarns in that palette. Zoe says it’s changed her (yarncraft) life. They do their colours in acrylic, cotton and wool mix, in sizes from DK to Superchunky. It's good stuff too - it doesn’t split easily, it washes really well and had a generally lovely soft feel. We both find we tend to  fall in love with certain colours combos, but then can’t find the right yarn, so this is a fantastic way to satisfy our colour needs. If you're coming to the Handmade Fair, come to our tent and put your arms into the smorgasbord of colour and chose some to weave into our big group weaving, and have a good feel of it for yourself. 

  Paintbox Yarn


And now my craft heaven! Since I was a little girl I have loved power tools. I got a jigsaw and power drill for my 18th, no joke. But I have small hands, and I like smaller crafts like jewellery so when Dremel got in touch I was so excited! If you don’t know what a Dremel is, just imagine dinky power tools, often cordless, that have a ton of different attachments so you can use them for all sorts of tasks. At the Handmade Festival  we’ll be introducing you to Glass Engraving, but you can use a Dremel for wood engraving, metal etching, tiny drilling, sanding and so much more. They are even the best for pumpkin carving! At the Handmade Festival we’ll be running a glass engraving session using the Dremel Micro, and you will be blown away by how easy it is to get started. Look out over the coming months for lots of super exciting workshops with our new Dremel tools. 

Glass engraving

We are so looking forward to seeing you at the Festival this year, come and find us in our own tent in the Contemporary Craft area. You can book our taster workshops, and all sorts of other fun things will be going on in the tent all day so just come hang out! 

The Handmade Festival