Our September residency at the Upper House! September 4, 2019 10:36 12 Comments

The Upper House

At the end of August it will a year since we moved in to a studio in Bedford Square, and what a year it's been! 

Nearly 2,000 people have been to our studio for workshops and events this year alone. I nearly fell off my chair when I worked that out, because I remember when we started in 2014 and we had about 8 bookings a month. It's been an amazing five years, getting to know more about what you all want from us, and getting better we hope at giving you just that.

I'll save the round-up of the year for the end of 2019, but safe to say it's been a wonderful rollercoaster so far! 

And now it's time for the next step. We love our current studio, but we want to be able to do workshops all day every day, in a place where we can be a bit more noisy, where we can worry a bit less about the state of the carpet and where we can really decorate the room to our hearts' content. So while we are finalising the details of our new home, we're spending the month of September as guests of the Upper House in Islington.

You might know the Upper House as a long standing supporter of London Craft Club in it's previous guise as Dead Dolls House. We've been holding workshops there since 2016 so we're long-standing friends and of course they offered us a home to fill the gap between the old and the new studios. 

For the whole month of September our workshops will be held at the Upper House (formerly Dead Dolls House) 181 Upper Street, N1 1RQ. 

With a clean new look, Upper House now an abundance of beautiful foliage and a new menu to compliment.  It's got luscious bespoke wallpaper from flamingos to a decadent ostrich, and is looking splendid. The venue is split between three floors and we'll be resident on the 1st floor for the month. 

We know that timing your dinner is a tricky issue on workshop nights, but  that's now so much easier to sort! Upper House has a fresh and seasonal menu on Wednesdays to Sunday, so come a bit early and make sure you're fully charged for your creative fun. It's worth giving them a call to make sure they have space for you in advance on 0207 288 1470

And you'll get 25% off if you come from dinner or drinks before your workshop, just mention that you're at a London Craft Club workshop! 

We hope you'll enjoy the programme for September, and we're super excited to reveal the details of our new home to you soon!