Our Highlights of the Handmade Festival September 22, 2019 07:56 328 Comments

We had an amazing weekend at the Handmade Festival last weekend, but I wish I could say I’d seen everything while I was there! We’ve taken part every year but this was our first year with a tent of our own. We were so busy that Zoe, Shirley and I hardly left the tent for more than a minute all weekend. We missed so much! If you went, what did you think the highlight were? 

Here’s why we love it! 

We love you lot!

London Craft Club at the Handmade Festival


Honestly gang you’re the best. It’s you that makes LCC come to life, and I cannot tell you how much I love running this club. Meeting hundreds and hundreds of you at the Festival gives me the biggest buzz. 

We love the friendliness of craft world!

At the Festival, we see so many friends in real life from Instagram and it’s brilliant. The  makers, designers, small suppliers and teachers are a warm friendly bunch who are all about collaborating. And nothing beats a real life hug, an emoji just doesn’t cut it!

We love the inspiration

Every year I come away buzzing with ideas for workshops, for my own personal crafting, for ways to teach better and for products I’d like to make. People share ideas and plans take shape, and I leave fired up for a year of creativity.


London Craft Club at the Handmade Festival

We love spending our pounds in tbe creative economy

If I’m going to spend my hard earned cash, this is where I’ll do it! Actually I don’t get time at the fair, but I’ll buy online the stuff I saw at the fair over the next few weeks, and feel pleased that I spent it well. While I’m here, check out Just A Card!

My personal highlight was seeing so many happy faces in our workshops ... isn’t that the best thing about craft though? 

 We’d love to hear what you loved about the Festival - and If you want some craft time for yourself, nook yourself on a workshop here