Hi I'm Sonia and I founded London Craft Club

Wonderful London. Hub of creativity, culture, and of course, craft. But it’s also a terrible time thief. I used to be a member of an awesome little group called Crafty Mums. We were creative, crafty, motivated and united in our interests – but only once in all the years we met did we do any actual crafting together! Work, commuting, parenting and all the rest seemed to leave no time to do all the fabulous craft projects we read, Pinterested and chatted about. We debated about whether it was worth buying equipment we’d probably never use, and resolved not to buy more yarn or fabric until we’d used up what we’d got. And my non-parent friends? No different! Or at least different demands, same lack of time.People love learning craft

But I really believe crafting can be so good for you. Good for socialising, good for sustainability, good for creativity, good for happiness. So I started London Craft Club. It’s a friendly, fun place for you to easily try new crafts or pick up an old one, in London’s lovely venues. No fuss, no bother, you can rock up with  just your lovely self and leave with an amazing finished piece you’ve made in just a couple of hours. We’ve got all the right kit, equipment and templates you could possibly need, so you can focus on enjoying the crafting and making.

I studied Glass and Sculpture for my degree, and I sew, knit and even weld from time to time. I've also spend many years working in education in all sorts of unusual and informal environments, so London Craft Club is a mix of my two favourite things. Along the way I've also met some great craft teachers , and shared my teaching skills with them, and I’m so pleased they’ve joined the club to teach the crafts they love too. (meet them here). 

So welcome to the Club – come along to one of our crafty sessions soon and get in on the craft thing! Start by browsing our workshops here 

Lets fill our lives with creativity

From Summer 2016 we'll be starting a long term project to help crafters who want to boost their professional skills to promote their work, by providing on-the-job marketing experience, support and training. If you'd like to find out more email us on info@londoncraftclub.co.uk