Learn Brush Lettering for Beginners



Join us for a wonderful evening of brush lettering with Shoshana of Shoshy Cadoodle. Learn the techniques to create natural, flowing letters, and in no time at all you’ll be creating beautifully hand lettered work.

You'll practice a range of different drills to get the hang of using the brush and forming each of the letters of the alphabet. Shoshana will provide you with lots of top tips on how to create the lettering.

One you’ve mastered individual letters it’s time to join them together to create words, and then create short quotes or phrases. You can choose whether to recreate one of Shoshana’s beautiful example quotes, or she will help you come up with your own phrase to brush letter. 

Lettering is a skill that you can practice easily at home, and one of those fantastic crafts that you don't need a huge amount of space and kit to participate in. Plus there are so many uses for your new found skill - why not brush letter quotes to frame as gifts? Or use your brush lettering to write out invitations to a special event? We know once you’ve started you’ll never want to stop, which is why we provide you with a brush lettering kit to take home.

What's included

  • A pad of A4 watercolour paper 
  • Drill sheets to take away
  • 1 brush and 1 pot of black India ink
  • A cotton tote to take your work home in
  • A printed instruction brochure

Who's it for: This is perfect for beginners. You must be over 18 to take part