How to convert your friends to craft! June 9, 2019 11:27

Convert your friends

I know crafting is the best - you know crafting is the best - but your friends still need convincing. Here's how to turn them! 

Your Fashion-Forward Friend

She loves her animal print boilersuit and her house is full of plants and marble. She thinks craft is for her nanna so how will you lure her to Craft Club? Simple! Show her our Homewares Workshops page and let her coo over the terazzo Jesmonite, bespoke scents, and macrame plant hangers. If there's an interiors trend on the go, we're already on it! 

Your Plastic Free Friend

Learning to make things with your hands is a way to slow down the rate at which you consume, because it can teach you the value of material things in terms of time. It's not that craft is inherently plastic free, but it a good way to encourage you to be a responsible consumer. Show your plastic free friends this post on making your clothes last longer! 

Your Busy Friend

That high-functioning friend who does everything, and is always booked up six months in advance is the trickiest to get pinned down but probably the one who will benefit the most. Craft is a form of active rest - which is when you recooperate by changing the type of activity you do rather than by doing nothing all. Rest is good for your productivity in the long run, so it's a win for her! Try showing her this post on crafting at work


Your Gym Bunny Friend

Ok crafting isn't going to get you fit but it is good for you in a different way. There's plenty of evidence to support that it's great for your wellbeing, and we've gathered some of it together here. Show your gym bunny friend the evidence! 

Your Friend Who Thinks They'll Be Rubbish at Craft

Lots of people worry that they wont be any good at craft, but that shouldn't put you off. If your friends knows that they wont be the only beginner at London Craft Club, and that we particularly welcome beginners, they might be reassured. This post on starting craft might help!