Make your clothes last longer April 27, 2019 16:04 97 Comments

Make your clothes last

Can't use a sewing machine? Doesn't matter, you can still upcycle clothes. 

Hand stitching it 

If the hem or seam is ripped, get a needle and thread and have a go at stitching it back together. That's how it was done for centuries, and it still works fine. Do it slowly and carefully, and you'll get better and better. I ripped part of the sleeve of a jacket off recently and fixed it using ladder stitch Favourite smart outfit rescued! 

Darn a jumper

I have a jumper from Whistles that I have owned and worn since 2007. I snagged a hole in the front and was horrified - but it made me take the plunge into darning. It was a black jumper and it worked a million times better than I could have hoped and I still wear it. Here's how (jump to 1 minute in!)

Take it to a tailor

Frankly, this is something you should do if you invest in something really good anyway. They can fit the waist, sleeve length and hem to you perfectly, and if stuff gets broken, they fix rips, take hems up and down and mend all sorts. Just google your local alterations shop and try it. 

Embellish it

Patches can be amazing ways to fix stuff! Try some of these from Etsy but there are loads of other options out there.

Show your mending 

More and more of us are starting to embrace the idea of visible mending - whether its mending broken ceramics with gold or showing your stitching sashiko style. Great for denim!  

We took loads of inspiration from the Fashion Revolution Week #haulternative  This weekend I'll be working on refashioning a badly-fitting dress and top into an entirely new outfit. Show us what you can do at @londoncraftclub, we'd love to see your skills!