#MayDoandMend is here! April 30, 2016 00:00


We all know fashion moves fast. Take flared jeans. Two months ago I was looking at them in horror - now I'm considering embracing my 90s look all over again.

But much as I love fashion trends, I know full well that low-cost high-turnover fashion has costs for people all over the world that I'm not so keen to run up. So this May,  London Craft Club has teamed up with the fashion-friendly sustainability charity Hubbub for the #MayDoandMend challenge.

It's super simple! Just tag a pic of something you've mended, upcycled or swapped with #maydoandmend, and share your top tip for bringing clothes back to life.

Get started with my 7 favourite mending hacks here ...

Check out Hubbub's guide to mending and more here...

Or recycle those jeans into a little bag here...

It doesn't matter whether it's mending a little hole in a jumper or organising a huge clothes swap, take the #MayDoandMend challenge and show us how you're fixing fashion one step at a time!