Our 7 favourite fashion craft hacks February 29, 2016 15:00 11 Comments

I can't help but appreciated the effort the lady in the second one has put in ....


1 - how to fix a hole in a jumper - ten times easier than it looks and well worth the ten  minutes it takes

How to fix a  hole in a jumper


2- how to fix the boob gap - one woman's mission to test out the options. Thanks lady, we owe you!

Boob gap


3 - how to fix knackered jeans with sashiko - so very on-trend for your Mom jeans. But why are we calling them Mom jeans here in the UK I ask you?

how to fix knackered up jeans


4 - how to stop your bra strap messing about - thank goodness

how to stop your bra strap messing about


5 - how to make your bra fit in a racer tee - a bit like a sports bra but temporary. One day the sun will shine and this will be useful

racer back bra


6 - how to stencil a boring teeshirt - you can get freezer paper on Amazon and frankly it will change your life

stencilled tshirt


 7 - how to add a new feature to a coat or jacket - fabric-covered buttons rule

covered buttons