Why I love making Christmas gifts October 28, 2018 10:37

Christmas craftsMaking the things you give at Christmas is incredibly satisfying in so many ways. First, just the making itself gives you a sense of pleasure, pride and achievement, not just that you actually made it, but that you did it in time for Christmas. Christmas gifts can be incredibly depressing to buy – you’re stuck between the fact that honestly the person you love really don’t need more tat in their lives, and wanting to give a gift that shows you do actually  love them (which is let's face it the whole point) So giving something hand made is the perfect balm to Christmas consumerism. 

I remember a few years back for a Secret Santa at work I baked gingerbread ornaments with ribbons through a hole to tie them on the tree. I packed them up as airtight as I could, but left a note on saying PERISHABLE. I remember sitting at my keyboard and doing some hideous task and hearing a someone oohing with delight at the other end of the office, looking up to see the receipient of the biscuits delightedly showing them around. Honestly I felt like I’d actually managed to do something lovely for someone, and it made me so happy to have had that effect. 

So now I made loads of gifts at Christmas. I love making cushions! They take me about 15 minutes to make, but the fun part is choosing the fabrics carefully, you can pick something to reflect peoples style and tastes, to show you pay attention! And then they have a luxury thing that they snuggle on, that reminds them that someone went to the effort to make them something personal. I made cushions for a friend with all her favourite colours, and when I’m at hers, we prop ourselves up on these cushions that have been in her sitting room for years, and they feel like part of the infrastructure of our friendship. 

This year a good gift is anything macramé, particularly plant hangers. I’ve made a few of them as gifts and I love giving them as they are so popular right now but actually not so easy to find!  And a little thing I like to make  is map coaters, where you give someone a coaster with a map of somewhere you have been together varnished on to it. I like to use a map that we’ve circled things on and feature the circles. As time goes by and these things you’ve made still hang around getting a bit ratty, it’s a tangible marker of a relationship progressing. That’s why I only ever make gifts that have a function.  What do you like to make for Christmas gifts? Or do you have good intentions to make stuff, only to run out of time? You wouldn't be alone!