We've got our own tent at the Handmade Festival this year! June 21, 2019 15:51 1 Comment

The Handmade Festival

The Handmade Fair has had a bit of a makeover this year. It's now the Handmade Festival, which actually feels more appropriate for the event, and it's even bigger than it was before. It' now has six main topics that it now covers: Contemporary Craft, Handmade Wellbeing,  Heritage Skills, Food and Drink, Home and Garden and Sewing and Textiles. I've been every year so far, and I have a real soft spot for the event so I'm keen to see what's in the new sections.

Handmade Festival

One other noticeable thing is that there will be more workshops to do on the day... and we've got our very own tent as a result! We'll be filling the London Craft Club tent with wonderful workshops, chat and more throughout the three days of the Festival, and you can sign up for some fantastic events on the day. 

To win a pair of tickets to the Handmade Festival, just email info@londoncraftclub.co.uk with Handmade Festival in the subject before midnight on Friday 28th June 2019. You can also enter via Facebook and Instagram! 

Good luck everyone - and if you can't wait for your crafty fix... have a look at our Homewares Workshops here https://www.londoncraftclub.co.uk/collections/homewares