We want to feature you! June 6, 2019 13:43

We want to feature you

London Craft Club would be nothing without the wonderful people who come along and so we're really keen to shine a spotlight on you. If you'd be happy to feature in our newsletter, website and social media, we'll give you a half price ticket to a workshop of your choice!! 

Watercolour workshop

Just send us:

  • a picture of yourself
  • a picture of something you made in at London Craft Club
  • the answers to these three questions!

There are no particular answers that we want, we're just looking for three different, genuine experiences to share.

- Before you came to the workshop, how much crafting had you done before? 

- What do you like about coming to London Craft Club?

- What would you say to someone who hasn't been to LCC before? 

Just email sonia@londoncraftclub.co.uk with your answers by midnight 12th June and if we pick you, you'll be in the following Sundays newsletter! And if you haven't already been to a class, have a look here at all the different classes we offer.