Two new collaborations coming up! February 17, 2019 10:33 1 Comment

Between us, Zoe, Amber and I cover a lot of crafts! But sometimes we like to learn new ones, and so we collaborate with other crafty experts. Here are our two latest experts:

Kat Campbell

Kat at West Elm

We met Kat at her gorgeous pop-up in West Elm last year, and were smitten with her watercolour designs. When it turned out she liked to teach too, we were straight on to collaborating with her! Look out for a botanical watercolour class coming up soon at London Craft Club, where Kat will share her inspiration and of course lots of skills. This is one of my favourite of her designs and it's been on our studio pinboard since we met her. Megababe indeed! 


Ben Hendy

All three of us have had a go at printing of various types, but it's such a huge discipline, and it can get terribly technical. We wanted to learn from someone who knows both the practical details, and would inspire us to love print for its creativity. 

Meet Ben Hendy, an award winning printmaker, and an associate member of the  Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers.  He also lectures on University courses, and is going to turn his expertise to making us the perfect beginner's linocut workshop. He's patient and knowledgeable, and brilliant at sharing his love for the art. We've all fallen for the smell of ink and the moment the printed image is first revealed - come and try it for yourself. There are templates if you don't trust your drawing skills, or you can freestyle it on the day. 

Ben's Hens

A beautiful linocut by Ben Hendy

We really hope you like these two new collaborations. If you want to try them,  keep an eye on the newsletter for dates coming soon! Which one catches your eye most?