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 “Why do we need a pom pom maker that looks like a donut, when we can use a bit of old cardboard?” is what we naively asked ourselves, mainly because old habits die hard and we have been using circles cut from cereal boxes since we were kids. Well the answer is threefold…The Pom Maker makes super cute pompoms - review by London Craft Club

Firstly, let’s talk aesthetics. Not only does the Donut Pom Maker come in the most gorgeous packaging ever (a screenprinted cotton drawstring bag with a witty tag attached) but the Pom Maker itself is a thing of beauty. Let’s face it, there is nothing Instagrammable about a mangled bit of old cardboard, but the Donut Pom Maker is so adorable you’ll want to make pom poms every day just so you can photograph your new FCT (favourite craft tool – because we all have one, right?)
The Pom Maker makes super cute pompoms - review by London Craft Club
Secondly, and some would say most importantly, it makes really good pom poms. There is nothing more disappointing than a sparse, uneven, sad looking pom pom, but those are a thing of the past with the Pom Maker. It holds much more yarn than other pom pom makers, which gives you a really dense and super fluffy pom pom every single time. And let’s face it, that’s the name of the game when you’re making pom poms. You’ll still need to give your pom poms a good trim though, because trimming is key to a nice even pom pom.
Pom Maker review by Zoe Bateman for London Craft Club

Thirdly, and probably our favourite reason, when you buy a Pom Maker you are supporting an independent handmade business that makes each one from sustainable beech wood, paints each piece using non-toxic paint, and lovingly packages and ships them to you. The end result is something beautiful yet functional, that you’ll love having as part of your crafting kit.
Pom Maker!
We took our Donut Pom Maker along to our most recent Craft Life social event and everyone was impressed with it – there were of course lots of cries of “ITS SO CUTE” but that’s to be expected. I think it’s safe to say we have converted more than a few lovely crafters to using the Pom Maker for all their pom pom needs!

And if you’re now desperate to make pom poms, why not check out the competition over on our Instagram page where you can win a Donut Pom Maker of your own! If you don't win, get one here

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By Zoe aka Too Cute To Quit

In the interest of honesty, you should know that we were sent this Pom Maker for free to try out, in return for an unbiased review. Zoe genuinely loves a pom pom so seemed the perfect person to review it.