The lovely feeling of a huge clearout! January 21, 2018 00:49 1 Comment


I've been thinking about happiness a lot recently, and one of the things that seems to really make me happy is having a good sort out.

I am not a tidy person. In a small way, it's part of my creative process to have a crazy mix of stuff all around me, but in truth I know an organised and clear studio makes my mind feel like a blank slate, open to new ideas and free to wander. For all my messiness, I can't stand the idea that there is tangled dusty mess under the bed or on top of a cupboard. Clearing out the hidden dusty corners of the house does the same for my mind. 

I'm looking forward to the Big Craft Swish a week today - I have cleared so much stuff out of our studio that it's going to be two carloads! The studio and house feel lighter and fresher without all that stuff. I know I'll take back a load of new stuff, but I will choose thoughtfully. If you want a big clearout that spreads a bit of good karma around, book a ticket here 

The bit I'm most excited about is getting back to the studio and setting it all up anew. I've found a company called A Place For Everything, and I've just got all-new white storage boxes. I'm going to make lovely Cricut labels for each one, and when it's done, I'll share the whole decluttered glory of it with you! So if the fact that it's not far off February already is a bit depressing, what about cleaning out a cupboard to make you feel clearheaded and proud of yourself?

I also found this lovely post  on decluttering from Apartment Therapy and it's really comprehensive! 

Let me know if works...