The Big Craft Picnic is coming to London April 20, 2019 16:30 1 Comment

The Big Craft Picnic

Every year when the sun comes out, talk at London Craft Club HQ turns to the idea having a big crafty picnic in a park somewhere. Imagine sitting on the blankets under the summer sun, drinking cold drinks and learning summery crafts amongst the trees and flowers.  

So this year we're doing it. We'll be giving you the chance to vote on dates, food and crafts! We've already got some really good makes lined up! Think festival fashions, handy holiday items and much more. 

When we first threw a craft party in September 2018, it was a joy to see how many of you came to craft and meet other crafty types. We only ever expected to throw one when we moved in to our new home, but our parties have become part of the life and soul of our creative community. The picnic is something we've wanted to do for ages, so it's wonderful to know that you all love getting together and we're going to do our best to make is the best Summer day out ever!

What would you like to see at the picnic? Should we organise hampers, or have that as an option, or would you prefer to bring your own food? We'll provide craft of course, but would you like lots of little ones, or some big ones we can all join in with or a mix of options? The more you tell us about what you'd like, the better it will be! 

Thank you as ever for all your support, input, and general awesomeness!