Small and achievable. Just what we need! December 31, 2018 02:40

No Lists! Just nice stuffThis year I am not making a bunch of resolutions, or going on a diet or joining a gym. I am not committing to changing myself. It's unlikely that I'll succeed in becoming a tidy person, or an on-time person, or a person who doesn't forget what they came into the room for. 

That said, I do want to make a sewing pattern for my perfect top this year. So when my friend suggested we go on a sewing retreat, it seemed like a brilliant way to make sure that got ticked off my list of life to-dos. I've booked - and that's my first New Years Resolution as good as done. Ta-da!

That same friend once told me to avoid having more than three things on my to-do list each day. Every January there is a ton of articles written about sticking to small, achievable goals. But it definitely works for me. Setting goals like "walk to the station twice this week" or "knit ten rows of that blanket by Saturday" work so much better for me than "go running twice a week" or "finish all unfinished knitting projects" 

So expanding the principal to fit the whole year, here are my three 2019 goals:

- make a sewing a pattern for my perfect top, and make a few versions of it (so I can look a bit smarter) 

- learn to cook three good vegetarian weekday dinners (so we eat less meat)

- join an intermediate netball team (so I get fitter)

Have you got any tips for getting your year heading in the right direction? I'm terrible for getting distracted so I'd love to get some hints on staying on one task long enough to finish it! Also any tips on easy veggie meals or North London netball teams in need of a defender welcome too. 

Happy New Year!