Should I Quit My Job to Craft? April 6, 2019 18:57


Do you hate your job? If so, you’re one of roughly 50% of Brits who feels frustrated and unrewarded at work. And I get it, I really do! There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling unfulfilled at work, particularly if you have skills and talents that you aren’t able to utilise. 

For the creatively inclined, a boring and monotonous job can be tortuous. The urge to just quit your job and make a living from the crafts you love can be tempting, but is that actually an achievable goal?

Can you really wave goodbye to the dayjob and make a living doing something you love and are genuinely good at? Can life really be that sweet?

The answer is yes… but there are some caveats.


You’ll need to wear different hats

Metaphorical hats, obviously. Although if you want to rock a hat while you do your crafts, that’s cool too! Being a master of crafts and running a business are two different disciplines… And if you’re serious about making a living from crafts you’ll need to master both. Networking with others who make a living from their arts is a great way to get free advice on walking the line between artist and entrepreneur.


You may find that it takes the fun out of crafting

Making a living from crafts is a joyful experience… But it is, in many ways, a job like any other. You’ll have good days and bad days. You’ll have fun days… And you’ll have days where your old job doesn’t seem so bad in hindsight.

When you craft as a hobby you can create what you like, when you like without having to worry about deadlines or quotas. When you craft for a living, however, it’s more about fulfilling the needs of your customers than about fulfilling your need to express yourself.


You need to become a shameless self promoter!

You can be the best in the world at what you do… But you can’t expect to make money from it if nobody knows who you are. To make a sustainable living from crafts, you need to become a dab hand at marketing and selling yourself.


It can get lonely

Working from home can get lonely. While you may be absolutely happy with your own company, it can make life a lot more enjoyable when you’re part of a craft community. Which brings us to...


How the London Craft Club can help

The great news is that you can become part of a wonderful, supportive and helpful community by joining the London Craft Club and trying one of our beginners craft workshops. You can learn the finer points of your craft while interacting with talented and experienced people who make a living doing what they love.

Don’t live in London? No problem at all! Our newsletter and Facebook group are both great resources for people who want to improve their craft and make a living from it.


We believe that crafts are for everyone. Our Hashtag is #CommunityNotCompetition and we think that those are great words to live by. Whether you want to start making a little side hustle from your crafts, want to make a living from it full-time or just want to dedicate more of your free time to getting creative, then we would love to see you at one of our workshops.

Click here to get in touch. We can’t wait to welcome you!