Our Secret Sister February 8, 2019 17:12

Secret Sister

If you've emailed us over the past couple of years, you may have got a reply from me, Sonia. But it could also have been from Briony, Amber or Zoe. Zoe is still here of course, we see her hands a-crocheting all the time. But where did Bri and Amber go? 

Craft Work

They went one table along, to Craft Work, and now between them they look after our events for businesses. That covers everything from our super cute Flying Goggles Workshop at the RAF Museum this half term, to customising diamonte hairclips for some wildly glamours bloggers with Nasty Girl at Elan this week. We go all over the country doing events for brands like Paco Raban and IKEA, and we design activities for Cath Kidston, Benugo and Google. 

Collaborative macrame

Our team building events a little different to your normal go-karting (I love go-karting, to be clear!) with things like Collaborative Macrame, and we run relaxing drop activities that are bit like doing a bit of yoga at lunch or before work. 

Flower crowns

You'll find us at festivals like Citadel and the WeWork Summer Camp, and popping up at venues like the Shard, Altitude and the Google Pixel Curiousity Rooms. 

So if you want a bit of creative craft in your working life - here's the perfect excuse! If you work in any of these areas, we can help! Craft Work

For PR and Brand =  For HR and Wellbeing = For Festival and Events. 

Give us a call on 0207 971 1267 or email briony@craftworklondon.com