Meet Rosha Nutt December 2, 2018 09:02

Here at London Craft Club we are so lucky to call so many incredible and talented creatives our friends. On Monday we took a break from the office and visited one of them, artist Rosha Nutt at her North London home and studio. Here she tells us a bit about her practice and what makes her tick:

I’ve been working with screen prints for the past 10 years and it’s only more recently that I’ve ventured into painting. This was both nature and nurture...with two kids it’s difficult to get to the print studio but I’ve always envisioned my future as a painter – a large studio, light flooding in and huge canvases lying around.
I make pop art, bold and bright, sometimes graphic and minimal. I paint and screen print and exaggerate the halftone dot pattern from the screen-printing process as a feature of my work. Over the past year I have been redeveloping my portfolio. At the moment I’m making a lot of floral studies, drawing in thin and thick marker pens and acrylic paint, with quick fluid movements where observation is key.

In September this year I took part in The House of Illustration’s 30-day one-inch drawing challenge on Instagram​. This was such a great exercise in observation, patience and precision. When you only have an inch-squared to draw within everything has to be so precise, the tiniest slip shows up. Naturally I’m drawn to making large bold images so to focus on the complete opposite was challenging. I found the habit of doing a new drawing everyday a great discipline, routine can be such a helpful process.

Rosha has had artwork commission by Roxy Music and AnOther magazine and sells her work through, and She will be showing her work with 100 other illustrators at the HOI Winter Fair​ on 8 December 11-5pm.Visit ​​ and​ to find out more.