Meet Isabelle who come to London Craft Club! June 23, 2019 09:42

Meet Isabelle

London Craft Club is only a success becasue of the lovely people who come! So we're shining the spotlight on you! First up, meet Isabelle, who learned to Arm Knit with us! 


Sonia: So Isabelle, were you someone who'd done a lot of craft before you first came to London Craft Club? 

Isabelle: Very little, I had knitted a few scarfs when I was a teenager (with help from my mum!) but nothing since then.

Sonia: That's the same as lots of other people who come here. So its nice to see that you made such an excellent blanket in Arm Knitting. It's looks gorgeous!

Isabelle's blanket

Sonia: What was your first impression when you came to London Craft Club?

Isabelle: It was a really welcoming and down to earth environment - the studio was adorable and our tutor was really friendly and attentive. There’s a great range of classes available at the London Craft Club and I definitely want to sign up to some more, the things you can make genuinely look like things I would happily buy in a shop! 

Isabelle and her blanket

Sonia: Yes our Arm Knitting teacher Eleanor is really lovely, isn't she. What she doesn't know about knitting isn't worth knowing! But she's a good teacher too. What would you say to someone who hasn't been to London Craft Club before? 

Isabelle: Give it a go! You don’t need to have any crafting experience, the tutors are excellent at breaking it down for you and they make sure that no one gets left behind! I found it really relaxing to switch off and just focus on crafting for a few hours, plus you get to walk away with a lovely item that you can proudly say you’ve made. 

Sonia: I'm so glad to hear that, we all work really hard to make it as lovely an experience as possible. Thank you so much for coming to Craft Club, and sharing your thoughts on it. I hope we'll see you here again soon for more craftiness!

Isabelle at arm knitting