It's time to start making tiny hats! April 13, 2019 23:19

tiny hats

It's that time of year again! Get out your knitting pins or crochet hooks and start making these little hats of goodness for the Big Knit.

The Big Knit started back in 2003 when Innocent asked people to knit little woolly hats to put on their smoothies. For each hat-wearing smoothie sold, Innocent gave 25p to Age UK. Since then, there have been an astonishing 7.5 million hats sent in, and nearly £2.5 million has been raised by the project for Age UK.

If you want to make a hat, here are the patterns and all the instructions too...

You can knit or crochet them, and there are patterns for beginners and experts. Get them sent in by July to be in time - I'm starting mine now! Even just one hat helps - we should never underestimate the power of sheer numbers and each one of those 25 pennies add up. Let's do our bit, craft-gang!