I just learned a new skill I really should have had for years.. October 1, 2016 23:14 2 Comments

I'm definitely what we at London Craft Club fondly call a "craft tart". I flit from one new craft to another, toying with air dry clay for a while, then shifting my affections to sock knitting. But I've been doing this for well over two decades. I've ended up with a pretty comprehensive set of craft skills, and now that I do this fuIl-time I think I can justifiably call myself a craft expert. 

Err why can't I crochet

So it's always been a bit of an embarrassment that I can't crochet. I don't know why I never learned. Maybe it's because ....

....I knit. I love knitting and it looks like a big jump to change from two handed knotting to one handed.

....I'm not into granny squares. Just not. No real reason.

....I might be rubbish at it. It looks complicated, and nothing like knitting or macrame at all. If I don't manage to master it I'd never live it down #craftexpertnot

....YouTube is not as helpful as it promises. Clips entitled "Super easy beginners crochet tutorial" either assume a bit of knowledge, or rattle through the stitches way too fast to make out what they are doing.

....No one seems able to decide what a Double Crochet actually is! What is with the US or UK thing? What is with that?

But on Wednesday this week, I decided that it's always the right time to learn a new skill. So I've done it! I've learned to crochet, and here's the evidence. Learning is one of life's huge joys, and I'm delighted with myself for finally doing it!My first ever crochet project