Homemade Icecream! July 14, 2019 11:03 1 Comment


This week I decided to make homemade ice-cream. Mango sorbet for the kids and stem ginger for Mr Craft Club. This plan was sparked when I discovered an untested ice-cream maker that I was given at least seven years ago, whilst undertaking a massive kitchen reorganisation. 

Everyone at home got very excited about the epic organic handmade amazing ice-cream that was about to appear, and we spent ages pureeing fruit and mixing our various flavoured gunges in readiness. When the ice bowl was sufficiently frozen, we whipped it out, poured our chilled gunge in and set the thing churning. 


It did not, in any remote way, freeze. Not even to slush. So in the absence of a cool homemade ice-cream to show you, here are some ice lolly recipes that might just work. I wish you better luck than we had!

Slightly overly virtuous lolly recipe selection...

 Gin and Tonic lolly recipe

Gin lolly

This one is for Zoe, it's a bit like a bubble tea pop

tea pop

For me, the most important bit! Where to get great lolly moulds

Not a cook? Check out our craft workshops instead, they're way more fun and likely to work too.