Glue Guns! Love them or hate them? August 10, 2019 16:06

Glue gun debateGlue gun debate time!! This week I have been talking to lots of different crafters about their favourite materials an how they like to craft. I've met some really talented people and the range of things they create has been jaw dropping. One thing has surprised me though - some of the best crafters have never used a glue gun. It's not that I'm obsessed with them, but they're just so useful! I wouldn't use one to make something that I wanted to be really robust, but if you need to bang out something quick and big, they're every crafter's best friend. OR ARE THEY ???  Am I living in a glue gun bubble? Anyone else love them? Or are they your idea of cheating?

But let's remember that not all glue guns are created equal! There's cordless, rechargable, mini, cold melt and my favourite Dremel Glue Gun! Different glue sticks, batteries and heat settings all make a difference. And of course - they are not for everything!  

 Here are three things I love glue guns for. I'd love to hear what you like to use them for - or if you loathe them! 

Gift wrapping

I hate seeing sellotape on gift wrap, but most double sided tape is not strong enough for a really thick paper and I love plush paper that can be used again and again because it's thick enough not to tear. 


Fake flowers on ANYTHING. Instant pretty styling, always a win! 

Felt things

The hot runny glue soaks in to the felt to form a really strong bond, but the felt is thick enough that it doesn’t gunge through and burn fingers and give that gunged up look on the good side 

Instant gratification kids projects

The non-toxic nature and the fast drying time is awesome - it’s just that the heat part needs supervision. I think the heat issue is worth it though, because it helps inspire kids who need something fast and fun to keep them off that screen

So! What do you think? The devils work or a crafters best friend? Let us know here in the comments or in Instagram!