Giveaway! JOMO July 21, 2019 18:43

Last week I had chance to share a coffee with Christine Boggis, editor of knitting Magazine and author of “JOMO Knits - 21 projects to celebrate the joy of missing out”. We had a great time setting the world to rights, and our conversation has left me with a head fizzing with ideas for projects, both for me and for London Craft Club. You’ll see them popping up in the  coming weeks! In the meantime I highly recommend a look at August’s Knitting mag, it’s an excellent and thought provoking read as well as having all the knitting goodness you’d expect.

Giveaway Time!!! 


This month we are giving away a copy of Christine’s book JOMO as part of our monthly giveaway!

Head to Instagram or Facebook (we’re @londoncraftclub) to enter, and here’s a sneak peek of the book.

There’s a good mix of knits but it’s the wonderful sense of embracing time alone with your craft that I love the most. There’s no need to feel bad about just another couple of rows, just revel in the fact that you are definitely not going out tonight.

There are CHristine’s stories of her own craft journey too, which is the kind of tidbits that fascinate me about other makers. Plus as a mag editor she’s made sure the reference section at the back is excellent

It’s a lovely book, and I am already getting myself a boxset binge ready for Friday night!