A creative holiday (not a holiday from creativity!) August 8, 2019 23:22


Creative Travel Club

You might remember that earlier in the year I took just me and my sewing machine off on holiday together - and it was wonderful! I spent three days in a beautiful cottage in Devon, and the wonderful host Yvonne provided five, yes five, meals a day and all the expert sewing advice I needed. The group included all sorts of women drawn together by a love of sewing and creativity, and we had that lovely balance of socialising and solitude that marks out a truly relaxing break.

The only down-side with my Devon holiday was that it rained sideways the entire time, so my outdoors plans were a bit scuppered. We did go out a couple of times but it was a bit of a mud bath. We ended up staying in the sewing room from 9am -11pm every day, although that wasn’t a trial!

Since then, I’ve been keeping an eye out for a holiday that combines all the things I like – travel, food, warm weather and of course getting my head down to some serious making. I’ve been wanting to go to Lisbon in Portugal for years, so when I saw the Creative Travel Club, I got very excited!


The organisers bill it as “for people who love to travel, and who love to create – they will spend an entire week exploring new places, experiencing new tastes, sounds, cultures, and creating new projects every day! Whether they prefer to travel solo or with a friend, the Creative Travel Club will enable them to experience the authentic taste of Portugal” and it runs 22nd – 28the September 2019 and again 17-23 May 2020

The line-up of workshops is frankly brilliant! It’s got everything from bookbinding to mosaics to crafts I don’t know, and there’s something every day. Have a look here to see them all https://www.creativetravelclub.com/studio-projects/ Each day is a mix of workshops and laid back exploring of the local area around Sintra and Lisbon, with time to yourself if you want, or preplanned trips to markets and hidden local spots.

Mosaic making

If you’ve not tried a creative holiday before I cannot recommend it enough. I’ve am the type of person who takes a few days to unwind into a holiday, but having activities I love to do from the outset speeds up that whole process. Instead of suddenly having to change from frantically busy to doing nothing, I find my attention is taken up on an engrossing activity, and it’s a way of resetting without having to do enforced relaxing, which I’m awful at. It bumps you off your phone and into making, which is to my mind the most wonderful form of self care. Oh, and it’s warm and utterly beautiful!

This is a sponsored post – but at London Craft Club we only work with companies that we think are likely to bring a bit of loveliness into your lives and we are extremely selective! I promise you, have a look at the Creative Travel Club website and you will see why we were delighted to work with them. There are a couple of spaces on the September trip, and I am kicking myself that I can’t make the dates. Have a look and see if you can make it. It’s not particularly cheap – but cheap isn’t always value for money and if you are treating to yourself to a wonderful experience, you want it to actually be, well, wonderful!

The Creative Travel Club