7 ways to deal with the craft project that won't go away January 25, 2016 21:51

That unfinished craft project that malingers

Are you familiar with the craft project that won't go away? Unfinished, maybe because it was harder than you thought, or more boring than you'd hoped, or just got dropped in favour of a newer, juicier project. You bought all that stuff, and now it causes you a flash of guilt when you catch sight of it...well you're not alone. We asked round our crafty mates and gathered together some suggestions for how to deal with it.

1 Join a social crafting group
There are tons of social groups out there in London where you just rock up at the appointed time and place, usually a cafe in town, and get on with whatever you're working on. Meetup.com is great place to find one, because the whole point is it doesn't matter if you don't know anyone. Drag that evil project along with you and get moral support, sympathy and skills from your new mates. 

2 Commit on social media
Instagram is good for this! Post a pitiful picture of the half finished mess and ask for help and encouragement. Your craft buds will most likely come good and you can even start a hashtag like this #soniasgoingtofinishthisstitchingordie. 

3 One in one out
Simple. Don't let yourself buy anything new until it's DONE. (Good for Hobbycraft addicts)

4 Use your imagination
A friendly fitness guru told me that if you visualise yourself doing something in a disassociated way you're more likely to be motivated to do it. That basically means imagine you are watching a film of yourself nailing that trickster project once and for all, and that will motivate you to actually do it in real life. True. 

5 Rein it in a bit
If the project is to create a king-sized hand-stitched hexagon quilt, maybe look at making a cushion cover instead? It's not defeat, it's realism, we're all busy. 

6 Make it a gift 
Earmark it as a birthday gift so you've got a deadline. Just be aware that for ever after you will be asked "can you make me a ....." 

7 F*!@* It
Life's too short for guilt. Put it in the bin and be done with it.