Meet our new expert Chris Webb January 23, 2016 22:06

Chris sewing
Meet Chris Webb, our new quilting expert
I’m Chris and I call what I do ‘Lazy Crafternoons’. I’m a crafty guy who dabbles in all sorts of craft and making activities including printing, knitting, carpentry, handmaking bath and body products and quilting and patchworking. I’ve brought my crafty roots from Canada with me to the UK and used them to build a business where I teach people to make things and spread my DIY spirit and ethos. Although my home will always be in Canada, I feel most at home wherever I am knee deep in craft supplies and surrounded by half-empty cold cups of tea.
How did you get into crafting?
I'm grew up in a crafty home - most of my family are creative and make things, and my great aunt was an epic quilters. She taught me quilting and patchwork when I was younger, but it wasn't until I was an adult that I really got into it on my own terms and saw its real potential through my own eyes. 

What kind of thing inspires you? 

I mostly get inspiration from just getting off the sofa and going out and about. The first quilt I made was an interpretation of a photograph of leaves scattered on a tiled floor, and I'm always taking photos in my mind of colours schemes or interesting points of inspiration. I'm a half introvert/extrovert so I'm the kind of person that needs lots of stimulus to get my creativity going, but then feels the need to lock myself away and sort through all my idea with a cup of tea!
Is it the end result or the process that you like?

For me its really about the process. Patchwork and quilting does take some patience, and I've learned to really savour the process. Other people look at a quilt I've made and see the end result, but I see a secret story of my process, inspiration and the hurdles I faced when working on it.
What's your favourite craft gadget?
I could not live without my rotary cutter and quilting squares, and I will happily teach you to use them so that you never have to live without them as well. They save me so much time and stress!

If it wasn't quilting, what craft would you do? 

I'm a geometric thinking and I love working with wood. I used to have access to a wood workshop, and when I moved to the UK I started quilting to fill that gap. Now, I'd never turn away from quilting, but I do miss all the sawdust and mess!
What is your earliest craft memory
My earliest memory is spending rainy days in my Great Aunt's house where she had a craft chest that was always stocked full of things to make. 

Chris Webb's quliting
What thing are you most proud of making
I'm most proud of my London Underground quilt. I took it on as a challenge for my own patience, as many of the pieces are 1 inch squares. It was a real joy to make in the end and I wasn't sure I was going to finish it (photos can be found:
What's your creative philosophy?
It’s not about being perfect or having a finished product. No one is Beyonce or Martha Stewart without a giant team behind them: it’s about what you get from it and what your abilities are, you don’t have to be perfect you just have to be yourself. Set your own standards and remember that your own satisfaction is the best measure of your work. If you like the sound of this approach, you'll definitely enjoy one of my courses!