Private events for teams, customers or VIPs

We know you want to make your team, your customers and your VIPs feel special. You want to give them a lovely experience that leaves them delighted and happy – and holding a fabulous keepsake to show just how much you value them. Scroll down to see all the workshops you can choose from!

Why a creative event?

A creative activity revitalises people, getting them chatting and wondering what’s coming up. It provides just the right amount of challenge and fun, and encourages people to share their own talents and interests!

Benefits for teams

Creative activities at away days and team building events are an excellent way to rediscover your own colleagues! They can change up the usual dynamic of a team, giving unexpected people a chance to shine. Often people talk about their own skills and interests out of work, new relationships can form and a spirit of support and shared endeavour can flourish. Not only that, giving people a new skill and something to take home with them is a great way to say thank you for a job well done.

 Benefits for your customers and VIPs

Providing a bespoke creative activity for your customers and VIPS allows them to really immersive themselves in your brand. It sets you apart as providing that bit extra for them by giving them a skill and an experience. Plus, they’ll get to take home something they’re really rather proud of, to show their friends and remember you by.



"What about people who aren’t good at making things?"

Excellent question. We believe everyone has a talent and can make lovely things, but there are people who firmly believe they are rubbish at it! We’ve got a lot of experience of this and we take a supportive, kind and encouraging approach, lavishing a bit of extra attention on those who need a confidence boost. And we also design our activities carefully so they are genuinely achievable for everyone – but with plenty of chances for those more dexterous to shine too.

"Doesn’t it need a huge space and lots of kit?"

Not really. It does depend on the craft but on the whole, you need to have a table to sit round and it’s a good idea to allow the same amount of space as you would if you were eating a meal

"Will it be like a lesson?"

No! You will not be putting your hand up, you can totally chat and listen to music and we absolutely encourage laughing and little messing about. This is meant to be a fun and creative experience, and you are grown-ups!

"Can we make it support our brand, values and messages?"

Of course! We are a creative gang here and if you set us a brief we will relish the chance to come up with realistic but fabulous solutions. There are ten teachers on our books, covering a huge range of crafts. Our Founder Sonia Bownes is one of the country’s leading craft experts, and is known for mashing up different crafts, trends and materials to create something totally new! She’s worked for Mattel, IKEA, Arcadia, MacMillan, Tommy Hilfiger, the Museum of London and many more creating bespoke event and experiences. So get in touch and share your ideas today!

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