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The Eddie the Eagle film

The Eddie the Eagle film is out on Monday! You can watch the trailer here. If you remember watching Britain's favourite snowy underdog in the 1988 Winter Olympics, you can relive the moment with this (only slightly mental) knitting pattern from Yarn Stories. We caught up with Juliet Bernard, who knitted the actual jumper in the film.

Eddie the Eagle

LCC - Juliet, we all love an underdog! Do you remember the original Eddie the Eagle?

Juliet - I do!  I remember cheering him on, it was very exciting. Meeting him was a real thrill.

LCC - You met him? That is cool! Have your knits ever been on the silver screen before?

Juliet - Not so far but I did knit some hats for statues in Stockholm and Copenhagen this year as part of innocent’s Big Knit.  I did a Danish flag for the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen harbour.

LCC - What did wool did you use for the Eddie jumper? Hopefully not some shellsuit-friendly acrylic!

The jumper was designed by Charlotte Johnson who works for a great British brand called Yarn Stories (www.yarnstories.com).  They still spin their own yarn in Yorkshire and it was a real pleasure to knit with. I’m not sure what the original yarn was.

LCC - That's a relief. So did your mum knit or sew for you and if so, was it good stuff or embarrassing?

Juliet - Not my mum, but my German grandmother who mostly made things for my dolls.  She did once sew a traditional Dirndlkleid for me – a lovely flowery fabric with a little apron.  I remember being very proud to wear it.

LCC - That sounds really cute! What celebrity would you most like make something for?

Juliet - I did actually knit one of the Eddie hats for Hugh Jackman but didn’t get a chance to give it to him. I think I would like to knit something for Boy George as long as we get to have a chat while I am doing it! He is just so fascinating.

LCC - Excellent choice. Thanks Juliet for taking the time to chat to us!

Eddie Knitwear patterns by Juliet Bernard

Get the free pattern here and threaten your kids with this look. Eddie the Eagle is out in cinemas from Easter Monday March 28 #EddieTheEagle

Wow Hugh Jackson that's a look