Win our new favourite toy, the Gyro-Cut! March 8, 2016 08:05

This month we’re running a competition to win the excellent GYRO-CUT® paper cutting tool. To enter, tag us in Instgram or Twitter with a picture of something you’ve made and #LCCMakes .

We’ve been playing about with the Gyrocut lots here at LCC and Hannah, who cuts paper for a living, roadtested it for us. Here’s what she says:

The Gyrocut
“It’s quite different to a regular scalpel because the blade rotates, twisting as you cut, making it faster and easier to cut rounded shapes than with a standard scalpel. The big advantage is that when cutting curves, you don’t need to keep rotating the paper around to ensure you’re always cutting towards you. It’s also designed to not cut your skin!

Sticky MatSticky Mat
I started by applying the Sticky Mat Adhesive to the cutting mat with a sponge which made a tacky layer and held the paper in place. Cleverly it’s PVA based so can just be washed off.

Cutting wobbly lines
The GYRO-CUT® holds much like a pen. To start off I found it a little awkward, but once I stopped trying to make it behave like my usual scalpel it was great fun. The blade swivels as you move so it feel more like writing than cutting. I found I needed to press harder with a thicker paper, as I hadn’t cut all the way through at points. Wobbly lines, abstract shapes and curves were the most satisfying to do because it just glides along, making it really fast to do.

Cutting circles with the Gyrocut

Freehand circles were also noticeably easier than with a standard scalpel, as was tracing round a curved shape. Tracing around an image was also really quick - I used it to cut out the tulip from this month’s printable in a minute!

Cutting this months printable with Gyrocut
All in all it’s easy and very satisfying to use and makes cutting curvey lines fast and fun – we all definitely want to spend more time using it! Interestingly there’s also a fabric version called a FABRI-CUT®, which we’re keen to try out for applique quilting.”

Cutting round an image with Gyrocut

See a YouTube demo of it in use

If you can't wait to get one, you can buy Gyrocut here

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