Rosanna Gethin of Rosanna Clare Handmade Accessories March 6, 2016 21:54

I've long had a love affair with leather handbags. Years of making things means I really do appreciate well-made things that use gorgeous materials. The first time I splashed out on a genuine leather bag is a moment I remember clearly, as a guilty but glorious pleasure. It's a bit embarrassing just how happy it made me...


But I've always been a bit nervous about sewing with leather, because it feels like expensive stuff to go wrong with, and I'm wary of killing off my old faithful sewing machine. So it's been great meeting Rosanna Gethin of Rosanna Clare Handmade Accessories. Rosanna specialises in creating leather items, and I'm over the moon that she's joining our team of expert teachers.

Rosanna Gethin of Rosanna Clare Handmade Accessories

Rosanna in her North Kent studio

From 1 May 2016 London Craft Club is collaborating with Rosanna to bring you a fantastic leather workshop for beginners, where you can learn the key skills to make simple but stylish leather accessories. 

Rosanna Clare

Have a look at Rosanna's blog here, or check out her Etsy shop here.

Mixing up her Masters in Textile Design and a love of upcycling and repurposing led to her range of wood and leather jewellery and accessories. She says...

"My designs are mainly influenced by geometric shapes and patterns but many pieces are dictated by the nature of the shape, size or form of the materials available. Having developed skills in sewing and general resourcefulness over the years, I thoroughly enjoy being able make something beautiful out of an item that might otherwise be thrown away."

Rosanna Clare

I love her collection - it's just my thing with it's sharp lines, colour blocking and unfussy structure. Rosanna also takes commissions for bespoke work - if you've never commissioned something before it's definitely something to consider. It's not as ruinously expensive as you might think, it's a brilliant way to support UK makers and it's great knowing you're the owner of a one-off, handmade piece.

Our first workshop is on 1st May at the Proud Archivist. As ever with London Craft Club sessions it'll be informal, really welcoming, you'll learn skills and make gorgeous stuff. Come and try your hand at leather, you'll be surprised at what you can create!

Check out the workshop here

Rosanna Clare