What they don't tell you about carving pumpkins October 29, 2017 10:28

Carve the ultimate Halloween pumpkinHalloween just isn't the same without pumpkins! Our top tips for carving pumpkins are

1. Get your kit ready. To go pro, you need a big bowl, a big spoon for scraping, a long craft knife, a lino cutting tool, a mini drill, a whiteboard pen and some sticky back vinyl for stencilling. That will cover all eventualities but of course one sharp kitchen knife will do...

What do you need to carve the ultimate pumpkin

2. Make the hole big enough
Sounds obvious but it’s easy to make it too small and then scraping it out is a nightmare. Use a whiteboard pen to draw it on if you have one handy

London Craft Club top tips for carving amazing pumpkins

3. Scraping it out takes ages…. and ages
Scrape out the seeds, and if you’re industrious you can wash and roast them for eating. Then scrape out the pith. Scrape and scrape and scrape until you can just start to see the light of a candle through the skin. 

London Craft Club has the techniques for carving great pumpkins

4. You don’t need to cut all the way through
Lino cutting tools make the most beautiful lines in pumpkin skin. If you’ve scraped it out enough, then you won’t need to cut all the way through for the light to shine through and you can make lovely spooky designs. And if you do an “O” the middle won’t fall out

Lino cut tools on pumpkins

5. The ultimate tool is a mini drill
Draw or stencil on your design, then drill tons of tiny holes along the curves, close together. Then push the drill back into one of the holes, and push it  gently sideways towards the next hole. Use your lino tool and long knife to mix up techniques to get perfect accuracy.

6. Spray the finished pumpkin with very diluted bleach to stop it going mouldy. Don't ice or refrigerate it, it wont help. Really, there's not much you can do to stop it suddenly going mushy and stinking, sorry.

7. It does take a bit of practice!
But as an example of how accurate you can get, here's a pumpkin that we were comissioned to make for Ardell (yes, the lashes people)


We're not carving properly until Monday or Tuesday, so keep an eye on our Istagram and Facebook to see what we make. Are you going to be carving pumpkins? Let us see what you make, we love to see your handiwork!