Free 2020 printable calendar for you January 3, 2020 03:35 31 Comments

Free calendar for 2020

Happy New Year to you! If you are still in need of a nice calendar to put all your new year plans into, we have one for you here! It's not too heavy on the ink if you're printing it at home. There's none of those strange download apps either - just click the link and the .pdf opens up there and then for you to save on to your computer. 

Download free 2020 calendar

2020 free printable calendar

I'm not doing resolutions this year, they're so guild-laden to start the decade! But I do love a goal, and I have some personal ones to put in here. I have so many apps but an actual real life calendar on the wall makes a totally different impact, it's just so unavoidable. I'm going to put a few workshops in my diary - have a look at some of ours ;-)

I feel bad about the paper - so I've started shredding all the crappy bits of correspondence I get so I can make it into new paper. I totally love this new craft so you may well see it pop up as a workshops soon!