How to make a felted stocking November 15, 2019 21:57 161 Comments

This is the perfect Christmas craft for
beginners, especially if you want something that can use year and year again! We’ve teamed up with Cath Kidston for the second year to bring you a this as a workshop too. Book here and if you can’t make it, here’s a DIY for you. 

You will need: 

A plain burlap, linen or cotton stocking

A medium felting needle with handle

A felting sponge or brush 

Some balls of yarn that are wool or a wool mix with a high proportion of wool (at least half)

A water soluble pen

Step One

Assemble the felting needle. Pull the wooden insert out of the handle and lay the needle in the groove. Make sure you push the thin end of the insert back in to the handle until the needle is snugly in place 

Felting needle

 Felting neee

Step Two

Draw your design on with the water soluble pen

Water soluble pen

 Step Three

Put the sponge inside the stocking. Lay the wool down on the stocking and push the needle right through the wool, stocking and sponge. This will pill some of the wool through the stocking, lightly attaching it it.  Rough out you design in this way.


Build up the design

Step Four

Once you’ve built up a bit of your design, repeatedly stab the wool into the stocking making sure the sponge is behind the are you are felting. This process will gradually felt the wool, making it mat up and attach to the stocking. 


 Step Five 

Felt your whole design.  When you’re done, gently pull the sponge away.  To remove the water soluble pen marks, lightly spray tve stocking in water. 

Your stocking

Step Six

To add a rustic bow, take a piece of fabric and make a little snip in one edge. Rip the fabric from the snip and pull off any excess thread, leaving a pretty frayed edge. Use it to make a bow to stick or sew on the back of your stocking. Lastly, gang your stocking somewhere Santa will see it! 

Book your ticket to this Cath Kidston workshop here