How to create a cute Christmas wreath November 16, 2019 13:23 204 Comments

Cath Kidston Wreath

A wreath adds a lovely festive dash to any door! We’re making a wreath using artificial foliage and Cath Kidston fabric, because if you use it for many years to come it’s good way to avoid waste at Christmas. Join us for a workshop in Cath Kidston's Manchester store  or follow this DIY!

You will need

  • A plain wreath base. We’re using a twig base, but willow or metal frames are just as good
  • Thin florist wire
  • Pliers
  • 3 artificial eucalyptus stems
  • Some artificial yew or other foliage
  • A glue gun and glue sticks
  • Pine cones
  • Bark stars or other wooden embellishments
  • Cath Kidston fabric

 Step One

Use the pliers to trim the eucalyptus stems down to about 20cm, and to cut some lengths of florist wire about 10cm long


Step Two

Choose a point to be your focal point on the wreath. Arrange the stems on the wreath pointing out from the focal point. Push the wire through the wreath base and twist it round the bottoms of the stems to secure them. Don’t worry if the centre looks a bit of mess at this stage! Arrange the stems and use the glue gun to secure them in the position you like.


Step Three

Dress the focal point for the centre of your wreath using pom-poms, pine cones, berries and wooden embellishments. Use a combination of florist wire and the glue gun to secure them in place at lots of points.


Step Four

Add a few more smaller embellishments to the rest of the wreath - we love the tiny mushrooms and gingerbread men


Step Five

Take some of your Cath Kidston fabric  and make a little snip in the edge. Use the snip to start a tear in the fabric, and rip until you have a 5cm wide strip. Pull all the excess threads away and you’ll be left with a pretty frayed edge. Tie the ribbon round the top of the wreath, then tie a big bow.


Step Six

You can put a little piece of string through the back of the ribbon to hang your wreath. Pop it on a door and feel the Christmas vibes!


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