The mission for 2020! Make what you love January 3, 2020 18:15 38 Comments

Make What You Love

I have no resolutions, they always feel like I'm setting myself up to fail because there's so little flexibility and life changes so much. But I do have a new mission for the decade and it's to live by the mantra "Make what you love" 

 LOndon Craft Club in 2014

(This is me on the LCC stand, at the Handmade Fair in 2014.)

London Craft Club was started on exactly that idea back in 2014. The plan was to make a business I love, providing a service I love, helping people make things they love, and giving me the opportunity to actually make things that I love on a daily basis. It's been six years and despite the occasional veer off-course that is pretty much still how it is here.  

This year, I want the workshops I create to really reflect and share the proper joy I get from the making process, and the pleasure of being surrounded by things I've made. I want other people to feel that brilliant buzz of being a maker! Just two days ago I was holding the glasses I'd etched some ferns leaves onto and feeling like I was standing a foot taller than I was that morning. Everyone should get that feeling.

So this is our theme for the year at London Craft Club - Make What You Love. Are you in? I hope so because I am popping with excitment to share it all with you! 

Check out what's coming up in 2020 and make what you love too. 

All my love

Sonia x