Super quick flower clip May 23, 2019 13:53 3 Comments

Flower clip diy

Summer is here and the fun is starting! Here's a quick flower hair clip DIY that's great for festivals, parties and just generally hanging out in the sun. 

Briony wearing a hair clip

You can get faux flowers in all sorts of places now - IKEA does a lovely selection, but you can get them in lots of random places too. If you get a spray, just twist all the flowers off and use them as individuals

Glueing flowers

You probably don't need instructions for this one! Grab your flowers and a glue gun (or super glue, or even florists wire if you don't have a glue gun) and attach three of the biggest brightest flowers you can. 

Check out our very own Briony wearing a super colourful one we made up for her for a party. It looks amazing with her hair, doesn't it! 

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