Super sweet Advent Calendar by Utensils0 November 22, 2017 21:26 1 Comment


Download this adorable free desk calendar by Hannah from Utensils0

You will need:
PDF printed double sided onto card (Download here)
Double sided tape
Metal ruler
1. Print the PDF onto each side of your A4 sheet of card. How your printer does this will depend on the printer you have, you can do a test run with a piece of paper to make sure you've got the trees the right way up

2. Fold the paper in half with the colour trees on the inside

3. Unfold the paper and cut along the grey lines of the triangles using a scalpel and metal ruler.

4. Very lightly score the bottom of each triangle to help them open later on.

5. Stick the double sided tape around the edge on one half, fold it to stick it shut.

Each day you can watch your tree grow with each door you open!