Top picks and tips for printable Christmas gift tags December 22, 2015 18:19

Yes we do love a printable! Having whiled away a good few hours looking through the Christmas gift tags on offer, we've put together a Pinterest board of our favourite free printables. And scroll down for a few tips on making best use of them.

our pick of the Christmas gift tag printables

1 - use card rather than paper if you can, it doesn't curl with the ink moisture and obvs is less likely to tear off. If you need to use paper, chose a mostly white design and you wont get so much curl. 

2 - you can print onto brown paper for a nice effect, just cut it into A4 sheets

3 - also choose mostly white desings if you don't want to muller your ink cartridges!

4 - some of the designs  have heavy outlines - try to cut inside the lines so avoid a tatty uneven line showing around the edge

5 - if they aren't in an easy-to-print .pfd file format, right click and save the image direct from the webpage, then insert it into a Word doc so you can choose how big it will print out.

6 - check for alternative colourways, often there are a few on offer if you dig about. 

7 - using a scapel and metal ruler is best for neatness

8 - practise with the hole punch or you could ruin your lovely printable with a wonky placed hole! 

9 - if you have a wobbly hand, try decorative edging scissors; they cut pretty shaped edges and you can get them cheap as chips from Hobbycraft or Amazon. They can hide a world of unevenness! 

10 - now you know why you keep all those tiny bits of ribbon each year! Use them to attach the labels to the gifts. If you didn't save ribbon scraps then try jute string or kitchen string. 

Check out our DIY wrapping board while you're there, we all know the wrapping is one of the best bits of a crafty Christmas! Enjoy