Meet Hannah from Utensils0 and make a paper pineapple August 27, 2015 16:24

We're really excited to be teaming up with Hannah Miles, the paper illustrator behind Utensils0.

Hannah Miles of Utensils0

Hannah's going to be passing on some of her amazing paper skills in our Christmas card workshop in December, but to whet your appetite try out this fab paper pineapple tutorial.

You will need
•    Scalpel or scissors
•    Paper (200gsm or less) printout of the pineapple template Download it here
•    Glue or double-sided tape
•    Ruler
Print out your pineapple template and cut around the shapes. Don’t cut off the white tabs, you’ll need them to assemble your pineapple.

TIP: Standard printer paper will give a thinner but easier to fold pineapple. Lightweight card will give you a sturdier fruit. We recommend you use paper or card that is below 200gsm
Fold all lines on the pineapple – make sure the colour is on the outside!  You can use a ruler to guide you as you fold the paper. It helps you fold straighter lines especially if you are using  thicker paper
Glue or tape the white tabs, and stick them to the back of yellow tabs to create the curved sections at the top and bottom. Don’t tape up the long side of the pineapple yet
Carefully glue or tape the tabs on the hexagon base and stick it on – tuck the white tabs inside the body of the pineapple.
To close the pineapple body glue or tape last tabs. Tuck them inside and stick them in position. TIP: This will be a bit fiddly, it’s best to put your hand in from the top so you can start at the bottom and work your way back up to the top
To make the leaves, glue along the bottom of the leaves. Then start at the largest end and roll the leaves, so that they stick as you go.
TIP: Roll the leaves so that the bottom gets slighter lower with each roll, so it looks nice and like the pictures. Once the leaves are stuck you can curl each leaf between your fingers giving them a nice spiky shape.
Pop the leaves inside the hole at the top of your pineapple to complete the look!