5 ways to forage yourself a DIY Christmas December 19, 2017 18:41

This year we have all been obsessed with plants - not just the super cool succulent thing, but the good old spider plant, ivy, cheese-plants, ferns... In fact all things green and growing have been sneaking into our houses everywhere. Pantone have even made Greenery their colour of 2017. And as Christmas trends are set in July, it's no surprise that this year it's been a foliage frenzy for Yuletide. 

London Craft Club has been trying out a thrifty DIY foraged Christmas to see how the foliage trend works at Yuletide

This is brilliant news, because I have saved a ton of money! And how often do I say that about crafting? Here's how:

1 - Midnight garden raids
I'm out at night nicking the deadhead hydrangeas up and down our street. One from each garden. No-one will notice. Shabby chic wreath on it's way

2 - Saving the garden fence
Ripping a lot of that dusty, cob-webby ivy off my poor garden fence is paying off because I'm bringing it indoors to wrap round all the banisters. I don't mind spiders

3 - Rosemary is impossible to kill
Yes, Rosemary, my one and only reliably alive garden plant that isn't a weed, just keeps on giving. Smells great, looks great, and keeps growing back

4 - Visits to the park with an ulterior motive.
I actually love standing around the adventure playground in the cold! Kids, you can help me carry all the tangly brambles and weird potentially poisonous berries home. 

5 - Any old leaf will do
Yes, if it's green, red, blue or white, wrap it round an embroidery hoops with some of that not-actually-sticky florist tape and actually it's quite hard to go wrong. I happen to have a 3 foot wide metal hoop, and this took me half an hour using just bits from my garden and £2 worth of flowers.  Because at the end of the day, leaves are really beautiful.

Here's my Pinterest board of foraged Christmas inspiration

Foraged wreath made from a London garden - London Craft Club show you how.

Have you tried it? I'd love to see what you made. How did you avoid spiders and bits of bark all over the kitchen? Can you glue gun ivy? Let me know how it went or what you think!