Quick denim pouch bag tutorial March 8, 2015 00:00

A fifteen minute pouch bag tutorial for you.

15 minute pouch bag made from old jeans

This denim pouch-bag is minimal, practical and very fast to make. You need an old pair of jeans, a pair of scissors (or ideally pinking shears) a skinny belt, a rubber band, and a pair of extra large rivets. Superglue is optional.
Pick one leg of your jeans! Pinking shears are those scissors with the zig zag blades. Cutting with them stops fraying, but if you don't have pinking shears, use normal scissors and stick your bag in the wash before you put the belt on. You'll get a shaggy soft finish on the edge. NB this only works on denim!
Chop of the hem, and then lop off a 10" (that's 25cm) section of leg, leaving you with a denim tube.
Turn your tube inside out, and wrap a hefty rubber band round one end, about 3cm from the end.
Turn the tube back the right way out to form a pouch, and squish it into a nice shape. Arrange the plainer of two seams up the centre of the pouch

Set two 14mm eyelets through both layers of fabric at the open end of your tube. I wont give instructions because they come on the packet, which you buy here http://amzn.to/1x7qsGk. You want this one with the tool.


It should look like this, with the eyelets going through both layers of denim
Thread your skinny belt through the eyelts like this, and do up the belt.
If you want your pouch to keep it's shape, use superglue to glue the belt to the back of the bag. Make sure you're happy with the position of the buckle before you glue!
Ta da! This is a silver belt from COS, in case you wondered.
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