If you need to say thank you, you need this! May 13, 2016 15:28 1 Comment

May's printable from Utensils0 is a gorgeous tropical thank you card - keep it handy on your desktop ready to print out when you need it, or make up a few to keep in a drawer.

Thank you card by Utensils0

You will need:
This PDF
White or pale coloured card folded in half or a prefolded blank card
Scissors or a scalpel
Glue or double-sided tape

Printable for thank you card from Utensils0

Pick which type, flowers and leaves you'd like to use and cut them out with scissors, or use a scalpel to cut out more detail

Cut out your leaves and words
To give them a 3D effect, bend and curl the petals and leaves between your fingers

Bend the petals and leaves
Cut 1cm strips out of card and fold them into a concertina like this

Glue or double sided tape the concertinas to the flowers and leaves and text you've picked. The bigger the concertina the more your items will pop out from the card.

Glue them down
Arrange them onto your blank card and glue or double sided tape them into place.

Your card!

Now you're ready to say thank you for your wedding or birthday gifts or just send your thanks to someone special!