Our April printable is this cute cloud by Utensils0 April 6, 2016 18:57

April printable
You will need:
This pdf printed onto white card (the thicker the card the more stable the cloud)
Scissors or Scalpel
If you want to mount it on the wall you will also need:
Invisible or white thread
Coloured card
Clear Tape
Double Sided Tape
April printable 1
1. Print the template onto white card (you can use a strong card or mount it onto cardboard if you want to store heavier items) and cut around the shapes.
2. Score the lines on the long thin template on the opposite side to the black lines to hide them inside the shape and bend them. If you are making a cloud with a hole in the top to use as a caddy, all is well. If you're doing the wall version without the hole, glue on the extra section to one end of your long strip.
3. Starting with the flat section, glue the long strip onto the bottom of one of your cloud shapes, making sure you have the tabs the right way round for the bumps. The side with the dividing folds is for the smaller two bumps.
4. Glue the triangle tabs and shape the paper to follow the curve of the bump as you hold them together, do this on both sides.
5. Once you have it all stuck down, fold down and glue all the exposed tabs on the other side, and stick your remaining cloud shape to it.
6. Pop nice things in your cloud caddy. Hannah from Utensils9 has put her wooden knitting pins in, excellent choice!
6.If you're closing the cloud for decoration now you can cut out raindrops from coloured card and glue them onto your invisible tread, use some clear tape to affix them behind your cloud. Pop it up on your wall with some double sided tape wherever you like!