Mother's Day usefulness February 25, 2018 12:41 1 Comment

Mother's Day ideasMother's Day isn't quite as commercialised as Valentines, although that's not saying much, let's face it! But luckily here in the UK there is a strong tradition of making your Mother's Day gift, which means millions of mums across the UK receive adorable but useless, and sometimes baffling, handmade gifts from their kids. Two years my little son gave me what looked like a playdo model of a small poo with sticks shoved in it. It felt too cruel to ask outright what on earth it was, but I slyly managed to elicit that it was in fact a hedgehog. 

As a grown-up, I can make my mum genuinely nice gifts. At the moment, she wants vinyl stickers of Westie terriers, so I have made her sheets and sheets on the Cricut, in many sizes, and many materials, which I hope she'll love.

If you'd like to make your Mum a nice gift, I strongly recommend our Merino Felt Slippers workshop. We'll bring loads of vinyl heat press letters along, so you can monogram with her initials, or a heart if you prefer!  

felt slipper workshop

Or if you'd like to give the gift of spending some time together, what about workshop tickets? Our Brush Lettering workshop, Bookbinding workshop or Mosaic Making workshop are all great ones to do in pairs. (Look out for the awesome Double Tickets on Mosaic Making!)


Here's a totally free downloadable card for your Mum, designed by Hannah of Utensils0

Mother's Day printable



Finally, try this Pinterest board of ideas for handmade gifts that are better than a poo with a stick in it. 

What's the worst handmade gift from a kid that you've had, that you've had to keep out of a mix of guilt and love? Or did it slip into the bin....?

Happy Mother's Day crafting gang :-)